Game Theory: FNAF 4 got it ALL WRONG!

Sorry, Scott Cawthon, I’m tired of waiting for you. This time you’ll have to keep up with me! …Oh… Nevermind. (intro music begins to play) (intro music continues playing) (Intro music ends) Hello, Internet! Welcome to Game Theory where instead of waiting for FNAF 4 to be released this time we’re getting out ahead of the game or at least that was the plan. Scott, I swear, you are the biggest internet troll out there. Oh, it’s being released October 31st. Okay. Let me plan my entire schedule around that. Nevermind, it’s now in August. Okay. Fine.

Let me rework everything Lols here’s the full version NOW! [SIGHS] You, Scott Cawthon, are the reason I have an emotional dependence on diet Coke But today, I’ll be sipping that sweet, sweet diet Coke in sweet sweet victory Because guess what? I win! Scott, in your rush to get the game out, to get out in front of my theories and completely flim-flam the Internet and shock everyone by releasing the game three months early, You missed a HUGE detail. Maybe before releasing the game, you should’ve spent a bit more time researching because this game, as you’ve presented it, is impossible Let me explain: Basically, it’s all but confirmed at this point that in FNAF 4

You play as the victim of the bite of 87′ and that this game is either his nightmare or what he’s seeing in a coma as he recovers from his injuries let me run you through the evidence real quick so that we’re all on the same page first in the months leading up to the release of the game there were clues hidden in the source code for some of the teasers on Scott’s website with the numbers 87 87 repeated over and over again two numbers that anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock will recognize as a key date in the franchise’s lore the bite of  87′ this is further supported by the text on the teaser images all of the pictures released on the site basically asked the same question “was it me?” which seems to refer to the actual attacker of the bite itself but there is one more word we solve repeated throughout the teasers nightmare hidden over top of multiple teaser images was that exact word that combined with the Freddy Kruegerish design of the animatronics with the teeth and claws everywhere something far different from how we’ve seen these things designed in the past seem to indicate that this would be the way a child would imagine these creatures if he had had a traumatic experience with them, making it seem like what we would be playing would be a dream couple that with some evidence from the trailer the first words are what is it you think you see making us question the reality of the images in the game but there was also something that everyone seemed to overlook about this trailer the appearance of the number four (4) scott doesn’t do things randomly as i’m sure we’re all aware by now and notice the movement of the four it starts off in a horizontal plane like it was laying down on something say a bed but then wakes up to stand vertically before the trailer ends even that remnant red rectangle is meant to symbolize the bed everything seems to be letting us know that what we’re seeing isn`t really real it’s a dream or better yet a nightmare now fast forward to the game’s release or I suppose casually meander to the game’s release it wasn’t too long afterwards and we see that this theory still holds flowers and IV and pills will occasionally show up next to your bed classical medical supplies that show us that this is a child in recovery foxy who’s hiding in a closet will transform back to a plush toy if you hold the door closed on him long enough making it seem like this was all a dream or hallucination and of course the biggest piece of evidence of all the cut scene that ends night 5 which if you don’t want a spoiler click here to skip all of you skip now good actually shows the bite of  87′  take place in the mouth of the golden fredbear this is further supported by the quote on quote boss of the game being that same golden fredbear we’re in the final night he’s the one who ends up stalking you all the other animatronics disappear you’re being haunted by the suit that bit you so yeah that fits all the evidence points to the victim of  87′ being our protagonist the character were playing as in fnaf 4 good job Scott you finally put together a game with a coherent plot line except you didn’t Scott Cawthon if all of us are writing our theory then you sir are WRONG just when it looked like you were making a game that actually adhere to its own lure you also made a game that is completely impossible from a scientific perspective loyal theorists it’s time we give Scott’s latest bag of tricks a little lesson in real life science while frontal lobe injuries aren’t as uncommon as people think actually they happen all the time in car accidents playing football falling down etc having your whole frontal lobe it off as a much more profound impact on mental and physical functions it would come with a whole slew of symptoms from motor skill impairment too nervous system issues but the side effects where most concerned with today would all these psychological removal of the frontal lobe significantly impacts the victims ability to process certain types of stimuli specifically fear stimuli let me give you some back story in the good old nineteen forties and fifties psychiatrists often thought the best way to cure problems with the brain where to cut pieces out. Feeling depressed? well let’s slice that out. Overly aggressive? That chunk probably wasn’t important as such there are extremely well documented studies of patients without frontal lobes and what’s fascinating about them was what happened to their fear response patients without a frontal lobe become uninhibited because they no longer have a fear response way back in my fallout episode we looked in depth at the most famous accidental lobotomy in history Phineas Gage who literally had an iron rod shot straight through his head completely destroying his left frontal lobe one of the most striking differences between pre-poll Phineas and post poll Phineas with his sense of inhibition and by that I mean post-poll Phineas had none he had no sense of caution no sense of fear or self-consciousness he was described to be impulsive to the point of being rude and vulgar in public no fear no anxiety no social pressure anywhere going back to the one of the things scott does a great job of throughout the fnaf franchise is putting you in the eyes of mike or Jeremy or whoever we feel invested in our protagonist because we are that character but in this case that’s scientifically impossible specifically because of the bite of 87′ if the main character this game truly is little Timmy lost-a-lobe he wouldn’t wander around the house clicking a flashlight on and off why would he he doesn’t care because tragically he no longer has the capacity to care his brain structure no longer allows it as if this weren’t enough a frontal lobe injury also tampers with concentration and attention span the main character in the game is still supposed to be concentrated over a long period of multiple hours but the thing is patients without frontal lobes don’t have this ability in fact they can only stay focused on what they see immediately happening in front of them a child missing a frontal lobe who repeatedly turned a flashlight on and off in a hallway without seeing anything would lose interest they wouldn’t have the mental wiring necessary to concentrate on self-preservation they would literally just go back to bed the game is impossible the way it’s being presented because it would literally be over before it began but the final and biggest nail in the coffin for this one is how frontal lobe injuries affect the imagination the frontal lobe controls a ton of mental processing abilities including dreams you might think that an uncontrollable imagination would lead to exactly the kind of nightmares or hallucinations you see in this game but in fact it’s the exact opposite rigorous studies have been done on the imaginations and dream states of lobotomize patients while patients without a frontal lobe can have dreams one thing they can’t have his nightmares patients missing a frontal lobe carry their lack of fear and inhibition straight into their dreams and why not it makes sense if the mind isn’t registering fear consciously there’s no reason to process it subconsciously in a dream studies show that lobotomize patients can dream about idyllic scenarios money fame, praise but they can’t dream about the monsters under the bed or in this case the foxy in the closet making the nightmare state of fnaf four(4) impossible for the victim of the bite of 87′ in fact going back to the dark days of psychiatry some patients who experience the kind of recurring nightmare we see in fnaf four (4) actually have their frontal lobes intentionally removed to stop these dreams from happening one famous case describes a patient who is experiencing a recurring dream of being chased by ferocious animals after the patient received the lobotomy in 1953 yes he still had the dream but would instead described it as being a nice dream with some nice animals his visions in the dream were no longer threatening the animals were happy he was happy and he was no longer able to perceive any of the fear he once had prior to the surgery so scientifically speaking there is no single way the main character of nap for can be the fight of 87′ victim like scott seems to have indicated sure the game could be about another kid I guess that would be lame no this game is meant to be about the victim of the bite of 87′ the poor kid who wasn’t just attacked at the restaurant but continues to be tortured through nightmarish visions dreams coma induced hallucinations whatever I have zero doubt that that’s what Scott intended but the fact of the matter is he just didn’t do enough homework a kid with those sorts of injuries wouldn’t care about those things in the first place he would have no fear and there would be no animatronics real or imaginary that would be able to keep him up at night biologically speaking nothing he would be experiencing would be any scarier than the fan sorry Scott better luck in the movie but hey that’s just a theory a game theory thanks for watching so that’s the science of fnaf 4 but i’m working on picking apart the lore now it will take a few weeks so make sure you subscribe to get notified of when that comes out and to help you wait click here to check out my all new theory on how the characters and dragon ball z pull off their famous Kamehameha waves the science behind it all is actually incredibly cool I mean who hasn’t wanted the ability to shoot energy beams out of their hands right so anyway click there to check it out or if you’re in the mood for more fnaf goodness binge-watched more creepy theories on the franchise by jump scaring this box right here now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go get a lobotomy so I don’t have a fear response to that fan anymore ugh, the fan, it’s purple now forget purple man purple fan uuuuuggghhh my arch-nemesis lives on oh and by the way get comfortable the steam page for this says at the end of the original story which means they’re going to be plenty more on the way we have yet to leave Freddy Fazbear’s

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